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Roostrap is a proven rapid application framework compilation built by putting together Spring Roo, Twitter Bootstrap and Google AppEngine libraries that allows developers to build and deploy high performance gorgeous cloud based Java applications in minutes!

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Welcome to Roostrap.

Roostrap brings the best of Spring Roo together to meet Twitter Bootstrap User Interface framework. In order to start, just download Roostrap and start ahead with Roo Console.

Additional Resources

After you have started with Roostrap, you can also use Bootswatch ( to customize your default Twitter Bootstrap themes to make your application look awesome.

Remember, Spring Roo is not limited to creating backend applications - you can also use it in public pages too!


Roostrap demo is available and running on Google AppEngine at


8 May 2014

11 January 2014

20 August 2013

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26 January 2013

25 January 2013

23 August 2012

Getting Started

To get started, please see the file available on

Authors and Contributors

Bhagya Nirmaan Silva (@bhagyas) (

Support or Contact

If you discover any issues, please report them over at github - or simply fork the project, fix it and then do a pull request. =)